How It All Began...

**In March of 2004, my mother sent me a clipping of my birthday horoscope, just as she did every year.  As usual, I skimmed over it and stuck it in a drawer, not giving it much thought...

The next month, she died, unexpectedly. 

I have always been a creative person and tend to seek new avenues of creativity when times are tough. That summer I began making record album purses to try and keep my mind off my loss. My purses became a hit and I sold quite a few. I even toyed with the idea of starting my own business. But with life's demands of raising a teenaged son and working full time, I dismissed it as a dream and purse production stopped.

One breakup, a miserable job, and a year later, I began creating jewelry with some stained glass shards that had been lying around the house. Once again, my designs became a hit. I couldn't go anywhere without someone commenting on them. I would literally sell them off of my neck. 

'Something' kept telling me that this is it...that this is what I'm supposed to do. 

That same 'Something' led me to pull out that old horoscope. And there it was...

..."A project done well in June will
push you into a new career realm"...

hmmm, I was June of that year when I made my first purse...

I knew then that this is what I am supposed to do. I never looked back...I took the leap, formed my own business and have never been happier.

I encourage everyone to discover their talents and follow their dreams. It makes all the difference in the world!!


Since 2004 my art & passion have evolved and I am happy to be expanding my line of handmade wares and curious creations!

I am beyond grateful to my customers for supporting independent handmade & allowing me to follow my dream! Thank you all!




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